Wonderful Difference

I switched the radio on the other day and heard a woman talking about her autism. It transpired that she was only recently understanding that she was autistic, and was now a passionate advocate for the role of autistic people in public life. She has become tremendously successful (in career terms), a member of the… Read More Wonderful Difference



You’ve got so much choice! Whether a parent, a pupil or a teacher, we’re continually told that choice is good, and that a deregulated system allows us greater choice. More competition, more choice, a rising tide lifts all boats etc etc. But, what if your choices lead to perverse incentives? What if the choices available… Read More SATS and SEND

Radical Change

‘To grow is to change, and to change often is to become more perfect.’ (Cardinal John Henry Newman) Since the pupils have all returned on 8th March, to be brutally honest, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by the task ahead. To be in education during the 2020s means facing challenges both immediate and intense, but also… Read More Radical Change

Lockdown 3.0: The Joy of Communication

2. The Joy of Communication The two core threads of the week were free school meals and autism. The first became national news by the middle of the week, the second is barely mentioned. Do people realise special schools are fully open? Both the ‘school-that-didn’t-really-close’, and the remote learning ‘school’ settle down on Monday. We… Read More Lockdown 3.0: The Joy of Communication