Bald Headteacher

Bald Headteacher is me, Jeremy Barnes. I started the blog during six months on ‘sabbatical’ and now I’ve returned to my substantive job as headteacher of All Saints Catholic Primary School, Anfield, and the Anfield Children’s Centre. And, yes, I’m bald.

Anfield is a wonderful place to work but the job is getting no easier with challenges crashing in from all sorts of directions. But it’s been a privilege to have been in the position for these past 12 years.

I hope to maintain the blog with a variety of contributions that highlight my core beliefs; that schools should be leaders in their communities, and should educate the whole child, irrespective of ability or disability.  All of us at school seek to promote compassion, creativity and inclusion, ahead of compliance, conformity and short-term expediency.

The entry entitled ‘Faith Schools’ goes into this in more detail.

All views expressed are mine and mine alone. Thank you for visiting and reading.