Oh, Behave Yourself!

The Government’s new bad behaviour Tsar, Tom Bennett, writes in the Telegraph this week that using progressive teaching techniques for all children, regardless of their background, is a “very good way to maximising misbehaviour”. I began this blog with the intention of disagreeing with him, but reading his subsequent blog http://behaviourguru.blogspot.com/2019/05/good-schools-help-children-behave.html there is more that… Read More Oh, Behave Yourself!

50 Not Out

Well, today I have reached that half-century. A smattering of applause, a shy raising of the bat, a readjustment of the helmet, and then it’s time to take guard for the rest of my innings. It’s quite a daunting moment – 50 years are a lot of years. The birthday comes a few days after… Read More 50 Not Out